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Divine Property Villas Έχει προβληθεί 548 φορές

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One of the most popular property managing, real-estate holiday accommodation company is Divine Property S.A. We target enhancing property management, high-class real estate, consulting and sales in order to improve the pleasantness of your business. Developed in a variety of areas of the pleasantness industry the company’s routines expand over the innovative variety of diverse areas with the common purpose of presenting a genuine more intense concept that offers a full holiday accommodation experience.
We are concerned more in refining the high quality as opposed to quantity to our number of properties. We have made our properties in the Greek islands and our goal is to expand to capital cities like London and Athens. Divine Property supplies a wide range of expert services to property owners assisting the exploitation of luxurious properties to the highest standards offering a safe and positive flow of income while releasing owners from the tense obligations accompanying property managing and rental. Picked for their place, originality and their special qualities each property is handled by our Divine team as our very own with admiration and care to the property and the owner likewise.
As said above, Divine Property's purpose is to increase the experience of hospitality worldwide and supplied by our team to continually achieve our clients desires and anticipations. Motivated by terrific enthusiasm and momentum our Divine staff has established a complete experience with an essential priority to the clients’ individualized needs offering the broadest and fullest range of services and facilities of the highest quality.
Our team delivers some of the best support services because they are at the guests' fingertips 24/7. They work tirelessly and provide the guests with some amazing information on the popular local beaches, restaurants, clubs and cafes. Through our long-term cooperation with the best and most frequented locations in Mykonos we now have managed to secure for all our guests priority seating and special service and care at the island’s best locations.
Our group gives some of the most diverse of services out there to their guests for instance individual 24/7 guest support, everyday housekeeping, welcoming gifts and drinks, private chef at will for breakfast, lunch time and meals, private health spa therapist, personal protection, Mykonos activities, luxurious 4x4 fleet and minivans without or with qualified drivers, shisha on demand, helicopter and yacht renting, restaurant and clubs booking with top priority seating, private cocktail mini parties, villa pre-stocking, private concierge and private luxury airport/port transfers just to name some.


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