An integral element of Cretan costume is handmade knitted silk kerchief Crusat skillfully wrapped around the head leaving the fringes, like tears, caressing the forehead. This is a picture of the Cretan
Mobile: 6936492842
Jewelry jewelery in Heraklion Crete - jewelery shop in Heraklion Crete - Quality in jewelry - Unique prices!
GAZI , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2810824370
Mobile: 6980366939
In our store you will find unique decoration suggestions for unique moments of your life. For your wedding or christening of your child. With the experience of 17 years plan with you and create the perfect setting.
Gouves , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 28970 42483
Mobile: 6945 238480
We started a year ago the functioning of our store in Martyrs Avenue 62 159, Heraklion, Crete. Our priorities are quality, reliability and service.
A. 62 Martiron 159 , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2810 254235,2810 335236,2810…
Mobile: 6970 564612,6947944331
Fax: 2810 254235
Pavloy Mela 63 , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2810 256038
Fax: 2810257948
About Elias RAYS, two decades specializing in applications in porcelain and marble, based in Heraklion Crete where has two stores.
A.Knossou 69 , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2810211144 - 2810214164
Fax: 2810 214164
Mobile: 694 737 9350

Απλή καταχώρηση επιχείρησης

The bookstore is located in Kato Gouves I. Konstantinidis (versus medical). Here you can find all kinds of school supplies, literary, educational, children's books also undertake color printing, etc.
Kato Gouves , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 28970 42681
The store ZAPPING opened in May 1994 in the center of Heraklion initially as electronics repair workshop and spare parts services. From 1997 to today deals with the trade of electronic and electrical equipment
Kato Gouves , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 28970 42786
Mobile: 6944 710607
The is our new creation. Can offer cheaper prices packages and individual items for all consumers.
Phone: 2810761276
Fax: 2810761276
DRAMAS 40 , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2810 323182
Mobile: 6973676132
Fax: 2810 323182
In our store you will find various types of Electronic Cigarettes certified fluid replacement Halo, Atmos Lab, Ecocig, Decadence etc. We also have a variety of supplies, batteries and accessories.
Bizaniou 2 Square Cornarou , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2810240007
Modern energy stoves Plumbing boiler stoves traditional wood-burning stoves
V,velisariou 1 , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2813 009193
The RGM ADVERTISING & SIGNS is a different advertising agency. That's because all of us who create it, we really love the world of communication. But what really sets us apart from the rest is not only our love for advertising. It is our knowledge and our experience on it. It's the way we see the ad. Advertising is not something fixed, but something that mutates constantly.
Maussollos 111, NEW ALIKARNASSOY , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2810 261082
Mobile: 6948619885 , 6940541490
EQUESTRIAN PRODUCTS - FEED - trade in live animals
5th km Heraklion - Miron , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2810 542415
Mobile: 6946 584842
El.Venizelou 140 Gazi , Herakleion - Crete
Mobile: 6973499503 - 6944 990381
Phone: 2810 823554
Fax: 2810 823886
Shop Antiques collectibles and used items.
Kissamou 121 , Chania - Crete
Phone: 2821098960
The Greek company is located in the furniture industry since 1996 and has put its stamp of thousands furniture throughout Greece.
A. Salaminos 39 , Islands Piraeus - Attica
Phone: 2105574324
Mobile: 6909897453
Fax: 2105574324
Our store is the first in the world Piaggio Space created in 2004. You are Heraklion - Crete, Icarus 63 Ave. Tel 2815006335/2810241980 n email:
Avenue Icaru 63 , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2815006335
Fax: 2815006335
The planet Earth ever infected. To those who wonder what will become drinking water, we have the solution. Sincerely, John B. veloudas
MINOOS & Tirteou 29 , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2810-370467
Mobile: 6972273417
Fax: 2810-370699
The family ARAVIAKI worthily represents the art of pottery for many years in ThRAPsANO.To factory produces 100% handmade traditional ceramics high quality.
Thrapsano , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2891041276
Mobile: 6972305226
Fax: 2891041700
Wedding - Christening - Decoration. Artistic Printing. Handmade Creations Invitations, favors, wreaths, candles, decorations, Christening clothes, boxes, chests, christening tables prayers, treats, set
EFKSINOU PONTOU , South Athens - Attica
Phone: 2109831041
Mobile: 6975650566
Fax: 2109579618
RECIPE OF GRANDMOTHER! ! ! ! Following faithfully and with joy the Mycenaean tradition hand-made with the grandmother's recipe Mykoniatika marzipan. We use fresh ingredients, without preservatives and dyes. Household,
MELISSIA , Northern Athens - Attica
Mobile: 6945300213
Convert your spare time into a dynamic business. Click NOW to join the club of smart consumers FM GROUP IF YOU ARE INTERESTED TO REMOVE MONEY. THERE HOW TO Build A YOUR BUSINESS WITHOUT RISK AND CAPITAL.
Phone: 2610318731
Mobile: 6976933148
Online store for original gifts and gadgets.
ERMOU 13 , Thessaloniki - Central Macedonia
Phone: 2310240261
Phone: 2105549784
Alternative crops-Marketing of hypertrophy-plant trade-Technical Support
STRATI Myrivili , Evoia - Sterea Greece
Mobile: 6947128668-6944422330
It will help you decide if it's worth seriously engage more with the program Emgoldex and get back a very good income or not.
Charitonidou 25 Psihiko , Northern Athens - Attica
Phone: +30 210 6723743
Mobile: +30 6976113387 - +30…
GARIVALLI , Karditsa - Thessalia
Mobile: 6993548170
DIA-NOESIS The first internationally Hellenistic store The 1st globally Hellenist Shop (below the Temple of Olympian Zeus) Thematic shop on "Ancient Greek Religion" and generally "Ancient Greece".
Kallirrois 2 , Central Area of ​​Athens - Attica
Phone: 2130264674
Fruit Production Aronis, Pharmaceutical and Aromatic Herbs, Medicinal and Cooking Oils, Handmade Soaps, Traditional REMEDY, Natural Cosmetics
Ano Vrontou , Serres - Central Macedonia
Phone: 2321400309
Mobile: 6930871963
Fax: 2321400309
Fire equipment, extinguishers, maintenance, reconditioning, Licenses fire, types of fire protection, design, installation fire protection, maintenance of fire protection systems, fire rated doors.
Avenue Ethnikis Antistaseos 11a , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2810214420
Mobile: 6934214420
Fax: 2810214420
From 1988 until today, we create handcrafted woodwork sacred temples and furniture, as despotic thrones, Icon, Pangaria, Lecterns, Pews, Chairs, offertory and lots more our company now is developing a new economic order church furniture, still gives great attention to the quality of materials.
Agios Ioannis , Ilia - Western Greece
Phone: 2621032096
Fax: 2621032096
Online furniture store. - Indoor furniture - Outdoor furniture - Office furniture - Sleep systems - Professional equipment Head Xanthi, Komotini branch.
5th km Xanthi - Lagos , Xanthi - East Macedonia and Thraki
Phone: 25410 83203
Fax: 25410 63860
The largest collection in Greece. 150 projects in mannequin women, men, children. Modern and realistic for a showcase that captures the eye. Imported and always ready-headless, faceless, embossed or wig. Koukles in many colors, patterns, attitudes and faces to choose one that suits the style of your store. We still have a huge variety of stands, monks, hangers, bustier, wigs, shelving, benches sampling,…
Protopapadaki 49 , Central Area of ​​Athens - Attica
Phone: 2102922040
Fax: 210292033
FILOTHEIS 24 , Central Area of ​​Athens - Attica
Phone: 211 214 5 342
Mobile: 6977383890
IERA ODOS 12 , Central Area of ​​Athens - Attica
Phone: 2103469158
Mobile: 6974962048
Fax: 2103471283
Phone: 2109569736
Mobile: 6947464244
Fax: 210956973
Phone: 6977508981
Mobile: 6977508981
Phone: 2315115026
Mobile: 6940966397
Decor accessories and gifts with alternative design! The onefate ~ 1F8 ~ seeks and provides you with unique character designs for you and your space.
EVRYTANIAS 8 XALANDRI , Northern Athens - Attica
Phone: 210 6721951
The online store is Smokeland supplier based in the city of Drama, Georgiou Papandreou Street 40C and active since 2006 smoking accessories and gift items.
Georgiou Papandreou 40 c , Drama - East Macedonia and Thraki
Phone: 2521400871
Mobile: 6932727298
The is online gift store experience for individuals and companies since 2005. In a plane ride or drive to Ferrari and hundreds of other life experiences in the form of ticket 9m length make novel gift ideas, which are paid in any way you want and directly delivered nationwide in gift box or by mail.
GOUNARI 19 , South Athens - Attica
Phone: 2109635069
Online shop of branded cosmetics and favorites. In will find carefully selected products for face, body and hair majors and designer fragrances at low prices.
Mobile: 6957219988
We offer branded cosmetics at very affordable and competitive prices. Bourjois, MaxFactor, Maybelline
Avlonitou 4 & Vasiliadou 1 , West Athens - Attica
Phone: 2102480078,2105777012
Phone: 2103218360
Fax: 2103214193
Phone: 2310 932711
Mobile: 6983 908998
Fax: 2310 932711
The company was founded in Athens in 1962 as OE, and Google Inc. in 1977. operates in the field of import of industrial equipment and has today grown into one of the most specialized companies in Greece in the field of cleaning equipment, decontamination and recycling of materials, with a wide range of professional products and solutions for cleaning interiors and exteriors for Manufacturing , the…
TSOUNTA 53 , Central Area of ​​Athens - Attica
Phone: 210 2522702
Fax: 210 2522768
Everything is here
temhstokleoys 30 , Piraeus - Attica
Mobile: 6971888675
forex analysis, equities, international markets, commodities, finance, technical analysis
Chalkidiki , Chalkidiki - Central Macedonia
Phone: 2374022340
Mobile: 2374022340
Sell ​​high quality! Dear Electronic Cigarette. Sell ​​high quality Fluid Replacement for all electronic cigarettes. Made with controlled quality ingredients from the U.S., Austria, Germany, Italy and Cyprus. The best alternative to Chinese fluid replacement.
Anastasi Manoli 15A , Larnaca - Cyprus
Mobile: +35799913901
Welcome to the new website venture Dimitrios Kontochristos, headquartered in Byron's main object Trade Plumbing - Heating and Solar Supplies. Also specializes in that associated with accessories - parts used in manufacturing thermohydraulic and solar installations and spare parts. We offer in addition to the large variety of materials for each of the above areas, technical support and knowledge of…
Nik.aroni 26 , Central Area of ​​Athens - Attica
Mobile: 6939898620
The Ceramics Workshop Spyros Rokanas, following a family tradition 25 years experience, offers dealers and shops of handmade ceramic stoneware clay.
VIOPA ANOPOLIS , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2810260257
Mobile: 6956303066
Trade Olive Oil, Seed Oil, Wine and Food.
Aigeos 19 , South Athens - Attica
Phone: 2114091886
Fax: 2114091886
Lighting and Lamps Led. Wholesale, available in stores and partnerships with companies.
Sygrou Avenue 253 , South Athens - Attica
Phone: 2109411933
H Company " Parmenion " active in the marketing of fruit in 1969 . Headquartered in Naoussa and gathers fruit products from producers who grow wealthier areas in Imathia , at the foot of the mountain " Vermio ." Ascholeitai with sorting , packaging standardization - oriented final destination marketing fruit . S'olin distributes quality products to Greece and abroad (Russia , Poland , Egypt , Bulgaria…
2nd km KOPANOY-NAOUSSIS , Imathia - Central Macedonia
Phone: 2332043333
Mobile: 6983364556
Fax: 2332043333
History written by wood Melamine / melamine-cutting moves / Skaliera-gluing PVC-Flips-Bench Solid wood-Industrial Timber-Sliding wardrobes-furniture-Design Materials through the / Y-Measures
ACHARNON 87 ANO LIOSIA , West Athens - Attica
Phone: 2102470028
Mobile: 6978133923,6982049109
Fax: 2102470028
In store you can find many kinds of handmade creations. Decorative, handy, jewells etc. Also you can make a unique Henna Tattoo from a wide variety of themes. Beautiful souvenirs and gifts for yourselves or your loved ones. Please feel free to ask me about any kind of special order you would like to be created only for you. Before you leave Matala make a colorful Hairwrap. Prisma Store in Matala is…
MATALA , Herakleion - Crete
Mobile: 6947088432
Promotional T-shirts, promotional caps, Promotional lighters, promotional pens, promotional lanyards, promotional bags, conference bags tutoring, promotional mugs, promotional keyrings, promotional clocks, promotional beach items, homeware, souvenirs and many more promotional items and gifts PR.
seilistrias 24-26 , Central Area of ​​Athens - Attica
Phone: 2107754766 2107756615
Mobile: 6944380184
Fax: 2107754787
Indelible dye clothes all chromaton.Allages colors in Wool, Cotton, and Mallinovamvaka Simikta.Empeiria 80 years. Cooperation from all over Greece.
Ilarchou Tzavellas 40 , Aitoloakarnania - Western Greece
Phone: 2634027338
Mobile: 6936755737
representatives pellets boilers, stoves, fireplaces, pellet, briquette
24km leof.marathonos 228 , East Attica - Attica
Phone: 2294076337
Mobile: 6977225227
Fax: 2294076337
TSIONIS since 1971 jewelry, watches, gold, silver, diamonds, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, crosses, wedding, wedding rings, wedding, christening, cross, baby jewelry, best man gift, gift with Ida, silver photos, accessories, designer watches, women's watches Men's watches diving watches, men's jewelry, cufflinks, rings, key chains, rosary, Ida office, pen, pens, smokers' articles, lighters,…
Vouliagmeni Avenue 184 , Central Area of ​​Athens - Attica
Phone: 2109711558
Mobile: -
Fax: 2109711558
Building Materials - Insulation - Decoration - firewood and transport-lift cranes
SP. Moustakli 11 , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2810254769
Mobile: 6978486140
Health food supplement (Ganoderma LUcidum) Super Food! Select Super-Super For Life!! Product market CHONTRIKIS PRICE!
Almyro , Messinia - Peloponnese
Phone: 6985997543
Mobile: 6985997543
Trismegistos | E-shop | Marketing Stoves, Solar Water Heaters, Products for the home. The company, cooperate with the producers so we can deliver the products you need at the best prices. We provide you with the biggest production houses. solar water heaters and wood stoves . We can also do a free…
Phone: -
Mobile: 6945756495
Fax: 2810261174
Phone: 2310755057
Mobile: 2310755058
Fax: 2310778408
Phone: 2310383588
Phone: 2105221418
Phone: 2102842018
Leather Touch
Phone: 2111111656
Mobile: 2111111656
Phone: 2108065925
Mobile: 2108065925
Fax: 2106140058
Phone: 2221060722
Mobile: 6973002348
Phone: 211 01234 78
Mobile: 695 629 0009
Mobile: 6906604158
Phone: 2351102657
Phone: 2108980840
Phone: 2130335320
Phone: 210 9224330
Phone: 2105154150
Phone: 2897021145
Fax: 2897021145
Phone: 2106645601
Phone: 2103468980
Phone: 2310 770 780
Phone: 215 50.50.555
Phone: 211 7008599
Phone: 2106899567
Mobile: 6999473723
Phone: 2815100512
Mobile: 6936635199
Phone: 2105313623
Phone: 2821091812
Mobile: 6972929056
Phone: 2104121400
Fax: 2104121400
Phone: 2610435619
Mobile: 6984422888
Fax: 2610429205
Phone: 2325770140
Phone: 2108670555, 2108645005
Fax: 2108673450
Phone: 2130308994
Mobile: 6951951009
Fax: 2130308996
Phone: 2106534463
Mobile: 6985010576
Phone: 2109761339
Mobile: 2109765837
Phone: 6948241433
Mobile: 6973386318
Phone: 2810743584
Mobile: 6972864190
Fax: 2810743584
Phone: 2105711550
Mobile: 6987086870
Phone: 2810333859
Mobile: 6949971777
Phone: 2106615803
Phone: 2118501313
Phone: 2315110150
Mobile: 6944252450
Phone: 2155009000
Phone: 2421057943
Fax: 2421057943
Phone: 2109334446
The Sweet Baby Infant Department is located at 197 Lenorman in Cologne and has a large variety of baby products, to meet the immediate needs of your baby. In Sweet Baby will find everything for the new member of your family,
LENORMAN 197 , East Attica - Attica
Phone: 210 515 4970
Mobile: 693 611 5307
The AROMATICA SERVICES is one of the most innovative and most advanced companies in its field and has always aimed to be fully synchronized with the new realities of modern society, as well as offering services tailored to the real needs
Phone: 2810 284773
Mobile: 6944475514