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Our company operates in the field of tiles and sanitary ware for 25 years. Our products are of major import brands in the world ..! For this reason we can beat the rates and offer ... WAREHOUSE PRICES!
Kato Gouves , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2897042322
Mobile: 6946058277
Extensive experience and affordability in tiling and marble.
Phone: 2810262948
Mobile: 6944174287

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Demetriou was founded in 1974 and is engaged in the sale of the Bath and dapedo.I company based in Heraklion Crete and specifically in the center of Heraklion.
Timed Ikarou Avenue 15 , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2810227172
Mobile: 6939293535
Fax: 2810300586
Phone: 2810333859
Mobile: 6949971777
NEAR T.E.I. , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2810312005
Fax: 2810312008