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Απλή καταχώρηση επιχείρησης

The KTIRIATRIKI founded in 2012 with the aim of motivation to improve the energy performance of buildings after decades of experience in the field of study - Construction
LAGKADA 30 , Northern Athens - Attica
Phone: 2106083223
Mobile: 6937969656
Fax: 2106083223
Briefly, the object of my services is to study - design any space (residential, commercial, storefronts, pavilions, offices, meeting places and caterers, grounds hosting, patios, gardens, terraces, balconies, etc.) as well as custody - oversee each project to its completion.
Phone: 6972565478
Mobile: 6972565478
Phone: 2315518883
Mobile: 6948131828
Fax: 2315518884