The Real Estate Agent Mj-realestate provides real estate services. Our experience guarantees the best results in your real estate search.
Gournes , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2810 761389
Mobile: 6976 038350
The Eri Studios is located in the charming village of Stalis just 70 m from the beach and a short drive from the bustling resorts of Malia and Hersonissos on the island paradise of Crete. The Eri Studios is located exactly in the center of Stalis and just
Stalis , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: +30 28970 32589
Mobile: +30 28970 33046
Sip your coffee or cold beer on the beach testator shop after wave barbecued. Eat sitting overlooking the sea. Assorted flavors in fresh fish and meat dishes, family atmosphere
Kokkini Hani , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2810 762162
Mobile: 6977 275010
The CAFE BAR LOCAL RESTAURANT XYLINO in Kato Gouves is that we need a all day bar-restaurant to become a fashion. That everything: music, aesthetics, drinks, coffees, quality food and dreamy atmosphere.
Kato Gouves , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2897 041701
Body Wellness Services - Wellness Services Relax and let yourself be pampered fish. The method of ichthyotherapeias comes from Turkey and is applied mainly in the Far East.
Kato gouves , Herakleion - Crete
Welcome to the Anfield Bar Gouves, Crete.We are ideally situated on the main shopping street of Gouves, opposite the post office in the heart of the town. Over the past 10 years we have built up a reputation for providing excellent service in a fun relax
Gouves Crete , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 28970 42048
Mobile: 6932 348427
APARTMENTS Kato Gouves KAISSA BEACH HOTEL Our hotel is located in Gouves, one of the most modern and beautiful holiday destinations in Northern Crete, stands with modern design on the main beach of Gouves.
Kato Gouves , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2897 041803
Buy cash gold, silver, stones, pounds, coins, jewelry in any form or quantity. With seriousness and security and at the best market prices. Free Estimate at your location by appointment
Gazi , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2810 824370
Mobile: 6980 366939
We can manufacture to order any dress you like.
Malia , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 28970 33217
Mobile: 6978 427084
Fax: 28970 33217
We organize your social events (wedding, christening, parties, openings, etc.) with experienced music producers, with full audio coverage, and the most modern and sophisticated machinery lighting.
Mobile: 6944475514
Kato Gouves , Herakleion - Crete
Mobile: 6974 312531
Our philosophy is to ensure UNIQUE & QUALITY METAL FURNITURE at really low prices. We can cover any need in decorating your space. Handcrafted furniture we come in great variety.
Roukaki , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 2810 231638
Mobile: 6936 248899
For FotoSami, wedding photography means capturing the emotions, expressions and happiness of those who are in love. For sure, not many people are professional models but from our experience each person has his or hers own charisma just waiting for the ring
GOUVES , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 28970 41039
Mobile: +30 6949243766
In our store you will find unique decoration suggestions for unique moments of your life. For your wedding or christening of your child. With the experience of 17 years plan with you and create the perfect setting.
Gouves , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 28970 42483
Mobile: 6945 238480
Kato Gouves , Herakleion - Crete
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Fax: 28970-42410
Everyone needs to learn to love himself and gives him the hug he deserves. Happiness and love generously given us all enough to look within ourselves and see our gifts.
Mobile: 6971 736418
Cafe Bar Koutouloufari Sports Cafe The Sports Cafe is located in the village Koutouloufari in Hersonissos and just 1 km from the beach. Here you can relax, watch your favorite sporting events to surf the internet to play
Koutouloufari , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 28970-24411
The Restaurant is located in Elizabeth Piskopianon Peninsula, a beautiful picturesque village of Crete. The architecture, inspired by the traditional elements of the island with aesthetic design.
Phone: 28970 21365
Here you will enjoy what pulls your appetite! We offer everyday fresh, delicious, healthy products. Fresh and delicious flavors that will fill your body health and energy!
HERSONISSOS , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 28970 25009
The bookstore is located in Kato Gouves I. Konstantinidis (versus medical). Here you can find all kinds of school supplies, literary, educational, children's books also undertake color printing, etc.
Kato Gouves , Herakleion - Crete
Phone: 28970 42681